Natural History And Fossils

The Story Of Life On Planet Earth

What Are Documentaries?

Documentaries are factual TV shows, often about animals and nature. Many documentaries have been made about Prehistoric Life and some are featured below.


Paleoworld was a documentary TV Series that aired from 1994-1997 on The Learning Channel. It was cancelled after a total of 48 episodes were made. This TV series is my favorite show about prehistoric life. Each episode goes for about 25 mins and each episode covers a different topic about prehistoric animals. Paleoworld rarely uses animation and mainly uses still pictures about the creatures being talked about. Even without animation of the animals it is still very interesting. I espescially like the styles of music often played in the background, it gives the show a nice, warm feeling. Paleoworld uses features such as:


*A timetravel effect, in which the camera goes through a tunnel of rings, and on each ring is a time period. The camera starts at the present and moves further into the tunnel and further back in time.


*Shows a picture of an animal and morphs it into another animal to show how species evolve.


*Interviews many famous Paleontologists on certain questions.


Paleoworld was released on DVD, but these DVD's have all been discontinued and are no longer available to buy. I luckily obtained 3 DVD's with 15 episodes from the series, before they were discontinued. I think i've watched each one over 100 times (seriously!). Im still dying to see the other 33 episodes! I created the wikipedia page "Paleoworld" and i wrote a full list of every episode on it. I'm not writing it here cause its too long! (I tried copy and pasting the list on this page, but it stuffed up somehow).




This is a video clip from the Paleoworld episode "Mammoths". This episode is one that i do not have on DVD (Grrr...), so if u want to see more of this episode, so do i...

When Dinosaurs Roamed

When Dinosaurs Roamed is a 95 minute special made by the Discovery Channel. It features dinosaurs from all different time periods and shows them living there everyday lives. How they hunt, eat, migrate e.t.c. It features up to date computer animation and is one of my favorite Documentaries (not as good as Paleoworld though).


To watch videos of When Dinosaurs Roamed go to the Videos page on my site. 

The Ultimate Guide: T-rex

This documentary was made about the king of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is part of "The Ultimate Guide" series, also made by Discovery Channel. It covers most topics about T-rex and visits famous fossil sites to create an in depth look at the king of dinosaurs. I used to watch this show just about every day when i was younger, and its still one of my favourites today. Like "Paleoworld" it is rather old (made around 1996) and some info would be out of date. I might include a video of "The Ultimate Guide: T-rex" on this site in the future.

Dinosaur Planet

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Beyond T-rex

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Before We Ruled The Earth

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Valley Of The T-rex

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Walking With Dinosaurs

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Walking With Beasts

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