Prehistoric Mammals 'n' Birds Prehistoric Mammals 'n' Birds Hyaenodon Hyaenodon was a giant Creodont the size of a rhino! It was the top predator on the Mongolian Plains, 23 million years ago. 5036302 Basilosaurus Basilosaurus was the largest animal on earth during the late Eocene. 5036303 Embolotherium A pair of male Embolotheres duke it out. 5036294 Entelodonts A pair of hideous pig like Entelodonts fighting. 5036295 Indricotheres A herd of giant indricotheres, the largest land mammal ever. 5036296 Ice Age Mammals Woolly Rhino (front), Megaloceros (right) and Mammoth (background) 5036297 Doedicurus An armadillo the size of a car, and armored like a tank 5036298 Woolly Mammoth The symbol of the Ice Age... 5036299 Megaloceros Owner of the world's largest antlers 5036300 Leptictidium A strange hopping mammal... 5036321 Smilodon A Smilodont showing off its impressive teeth. 5036304 Gastornis A Gastornis chases a Leptictidium through the undergrowth 6042421 Gastornis 2 The giant killer bird Gastornis terrorizing the Eocene forests 6083423 Gastornis 3 A Gastornis snatches a Propaleotherium and holds it in its jaws to be eaten 6083406 Diprotodon This is Diprotodon, a giant wombat standing 2.5m tall. Diprotodon was a herd animal and lived on open plains 40, 000 years ago in Australia. 6260364 Procoptodon This is Procoptodon. A kangaroo standing 3m tall. This kangaroo ate leaves and grass in the late Pleistocene (Australia). 6260365 Thylacoleo Thylacoleo was a killer marsupial with bolt cutting teeth. It ate Diprotodon and Procoptodon (previous). 6260366 Phorusracos A dinosaur-like terror bird 86396899 Titanus One of the largest terror-birds ever 86396900