Fossils Fossils Carcharodontosaurus Tooth A nice Carcharodontosaurus tooth, proudly owned by me! 5962199 T-rex Skeleton A front on view of that massive set of jaws and teeth owned by Tyrannosaurus Rex 5962391 Thylacoleo A Thylacoleo skeleton lying how it was found inside a cave in the Nullabor (Australia) 5963011 Sabre tooth cat skull A nice skull showing huge teeth, found at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles 5963012 Fossil Leaf A large leaf embedded in the rock, good quality 5963023 Fish Fossil A fossil fish from the species Diplomystus Dentatus 5963013 Glyptodon Scute (body armour) A thick piece of body armor from a Glyptodon, proudly owned be me! 5963024 Megalodon Tooth A good tooth with a serrated edge 5963014 An Ammonite These creatures swum the ancient seas in the Jurassic period 5963025 Plesiosaurus Tooth A good tooth from the long necked swimming reptile Plesiosaurus 5963026 A Turitella (type of shell) These shells are common fossils if you know were to look 5963015 My Megalodon Tooth A 4.75 inch beauty! Museum quality, no repair or restoration. 175568639 My Megalodon Tooth (reverse side) A 4.75 inch beauty! Museum quality, no repair or restoration. 175568640 Carcharodontosaurus Tooth 2 A stunning tooth from this monster of the mid Cretaceous, over 3 inches in length and true museum quality. There aren't many teeth as good as this out there. 175569206 Theropod Vertebra A large (over 7 inches tall!) carnivorous dinosaur vertebra from the cretaceous of North Africa. It possibly belongs to Carcharodontosaurus or perhaps Sigilmassaurus. Very rare. 175569207