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Creature Of The Month: Gastornis

Gastornis was a large, flightless bird that evolved in the late Paleocene era (see Timeline). At the time, it was one of the largest land animals on earth, and certainly the top predator. It took up the niche that was once occupied by the dinosaurs, millions of years before. As a predator, it hunted the small mammals that lived in the dense Jungles. Gastornis was as tall as an adult human and would have weighed at least half a tonne. It's fossils have been found in Germany and the U.S.A. Eventually, the forests that Gastornis called home began to vanish and by the late Eocene, it was extinct. Images of Gastornis are located at the Photo Gallery.

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Image- Suchomimus

 This is Suchomimus, a Spinosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous Period.